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99GT FRP Ferry Passenger Ship / SSF has been established in 1971 and has advanced ship design capabilities and reliable shipbuilding technology.

99GT FRP Ferry Passenger Ship - 99GT FRP Ferry Passenger Ship
  • 99GT FRP Ferry Passenger Ship - 99GT FRP Ferry Passenger Ship

99GT FRP Ferry Passenger Ship

99 GT

This vessel is specially designed for harbor sightseeing and transportation.

The location and berthing facilities for passenger loading and unloading are planned according to the conditions of the tide, port facilities and other subjective and objective conditions in Kaohsiung Harbor. Kaohsiung port facilities due to the integrity and energy has a considerable advantage. Kaohsiung city government has made great efforts in recent years, so that the traffic, living environment and humanistic atmosphere of Kaohsiung City have been greatly improved. At the same time, the government has made great efforts to promote the development of marine transportation in Kaohsiung. The number of visitors increased year after year.

Kaohsiung Harbor is the largest port in Taiwan, around the port side of the humanities and customs with a variety of appearance, take the harbor sightseeing boat to become a selling point of selling a Kaohsiung selling point. So have the characteristics, beautiful, comfortable traffic will allow tourists to ride the wishes of greatly improved. Kaohsiung City Department of Cultural Affairs has seen the funding of nearly 100 million to build three new sightseeing ferry. The bids were finally marked by the company and thanked the Bureau of Cultural Affairs for providing a lot of good advice in the planning process for the new vessel, so that the planning of the new vessel could be successfully completed and the construction started.

The boat has a beautiful appearance of the yacht. The whole ship is made of FRP material. The appearance of Kaohsiung will be integrated into the hull design. There are two upper and lower cabins with 74 passengers. The dining room is equipped with light bar . After the deck in order to respond to people in recent years, heat cycling activities, special planning 15 bicycle parking spaces. The overall design of the ship to leisure as the main axis, so that passengers can relax in the ship, blowing the sea breeze to enjoy the leisure time.

Principal Dimension
MaterialFibre glass
Length Over All27.30 M
Lenth of Ship23.70 M
Breadth of Vessel5.95 M
Depth of Vessel2.20 M
Draft of Vessel1.30 M
Fuel Oil Cap.6.0 M^3
Fresh Water Cap.2.2 M^3
Main Engine Power900 HP
Aux. Engine Power120 KW
Speed10 Kts
Passenger74 P
Screw4 P
Bicycle15 Sets
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99GT FRP Ferry Passenger Ship | DNV, CR, LR, BV Certified Fishing Boats Building Manufacturer | SSF

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