Squid Fishing Boat | Over 51 Years Fiberglass Boat & Luxury Yacht Builder | SSF

290GT Squid Fishing Boat / SSF has been established in 1971 and has advanced ship design capabilities and reliable shipbuilding technology.

290GT Squid Fishing Boat

Squid Fishing Boat

Squid fishing boat builder with several tens of years of experience. Custom boat, boat repair, fishing boat, working boat, luxury yacht with high-end technology and quality design team.

Squid Fishing Boat

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290GT Squid Boat - 290GT Squid Boat
290GT Squid Boat
290 GT

The boat hull cofferdams and channels using tuna long-liner design. The over length is 36.6...

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Squid Fishing Boat - Over 51 Years Fiberglass Boat & Luxury Yacht Builder | SSF

Located in Taiwan since 1971, Shing Sheng Fa Boat Building Co., Ltd. has been a boat builder. Their main boat building supplies, including deep sea fishing boats, working boats, passenger boats, luxury yachts, and work boats, which are sold in more than 30 countries.

100 tons, 230 tons to 340 tons fishing boats for minus 60 degrees deep sea fishing. Custom-built luxury yachts and passenger boats meeting your special needs. SHING SHENG FA BOAT BUILDING CO., LTD. (SSF) is a Taiwan boat builder who's sold more than 1,000 boats in over 30 countries. After more than 50 years of success, they have sold their boats worldwide, including fishing boats, passenger boats, working boats, yachts and other boats. with more than 50 years manufacturing experience for Fishing Boat, Working Boat, Passenger Boat, Yacht Building and Yacht Design in Taiwan.

From conception to delivery, SSF has been manufacturing fishing boats and luxury boats for 1971 years, both with advanced boat building techniques and years of experience, SSF ensures each customer's demands are met.