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19GT FRP River Supply Air Boat - 19GT FRP River Supply Air Boat
  • 19GT FRP River Supply Air Boat - 19GT FRP River Supply Air Boat

19GT FRP River Supply Air Boat

19 GT

The ship by the New Taipei Municipal Environmental Protection Agency commissioned by the manufacture, research and development by the SSF design, manufacture. Its main purpose is to collect Tanshui river water for water quality analysis, select the bad quality of the water quality of the river to improve the oxygen content of oxygen, so that water organisms and fish have a better living environment.

Because the Tanshui river is not equipped with police patrol boats, so there are often not law-abiding fishermen to fish, fish behavior, serious damage to ecological balance. So the ship and has the function of patrolling the Tanshui river.

The Tanshui River is an important tourist resource for Taipei City and New Taipei City. Millions of people visit the Tanshui River each year, bringing great commercial benefits to the two cities. New Taipei government in order to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction. So the ship in the design of the use of solar power to supply some of the electrical equipment on board electricity. Although solar power is only an auxiliary use, the Government has set an example by advocating green energy. It is hoped that the ships that have sailed on the river for a long time can also make some new equipment upgrades. Green energy can also be used as a driving force to reduce the use of gasoline and diesel. More clean, leaving tourists high-quality tourism environment.

The main equipment of the ship is aeration machine. The way to increase the oxygen content in the water is to inject the fresh air into the water through the aeration machine to speed up the air metabolism in the water. In order to allow the air into the water can be more effective in the distribution of oxygen, in the air into the water before the first through the special equipment will be divided into very small air. So that when the air into the water will produce more bubbles.

Principal Dimension
MaterialFibre glass
LengthOver all 16.10 M
Lenth of Ship12.80 M
Breadth of Vessel4.05 M
Depth of Vessel1.50 M
Draft of Vessel0.87 M
Fuel Oil Capacity1.5 M^3
Main Engine Power700 Ps
Aux. Engine Power65 Kw
Solar Energy Module1400 W
Speed20 Kts
Passenger12 P
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19GT FRP River Supply Air Boat | DNV, CR, LR, BV Certified Fishing Boats Building Manufacturer | SSF

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