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19GT Aluminum Hight Spees Patrol Boat - 19GT Aluminum Hight Spees Patrol Boat
  • 19GT Aluminum Hight Spees Patrol Boat - 19GT Aluminum Hight Spees Patrol Boat

19GT Aluminum Hight Spees Patrol Boat

19 GT

This ship is the first one my company made aluminum boat. It sets two 1000 horsepower diesel engines on board, propulsion systems designed and manufactured in Australia using water injection systems, light-load 46 knots speed.

The boat service from the Kaohsiung Harbor Police Department, National Police Agency, commissioned manufacturing. Its main use as a patrol within Kaohsiung harbor and Kaohsiung coastal domain use. Although Kaohsiung smuggling in recent years have significantly improved, but there are still some who take advantage of high-speed boats luck illegal activities. National Police Agency in order to prevent unlawful acts at sea, especially Kaohsiung selected as demonstration waters. If the performance is good, the future will be the ports to each budgeted build similar ships.

The boat ship made of aluminum alloy, including hull, deck, various railings, bollards and so on. The main components are cut from the computer using the NCC, high precision between the member and the member. Coupled with the welding professional and technical personnel, whether in flatness, surface welds Ship integrity to the highest requirements. </ P>

Focus on high-speed craft built in that weight control, from design and planning to the selection, cutting, facilities are required to make every aspect of the weight of detail assessment calculations. Controls do not pay attention because of the weight of the hull can cause overweight; lead boat speed can not meet the design requirements. Therefore, production management and quality control personnel is particularly important, and post construction considerations are required to test each step gingerly; and, indeed, in accordance with the original design planning. This is also a test of the professional staff of the shipyard. </ P>

The boat equipped with two diesel CATERPILLER main engines, each engine outputs to 1000 horsepower. The propulsion system uses Australia DONE WATER JETS company produces models for the two DJ170HP water injection system. Water jet propulsion system operating feeling and propeller different. Lightweight sensitivity is one of the characteristics of water jet propulsion; additional straightforward thrust is another characteristic. An important tool for its agility features rapid implementation of the police service needs, but also the police officers to combat crime at sea, in order to achieve the purpose of curbing crime. </ P>

Principal Dimension
MaterialFibre glass
LengthOver all 15.45 M
Lenth of Ship12.56 M
Breadth of Vessel4.00 M
Depth of Vessel1.80 M
Draft of Vessel0.75 M
Fuel Oil Cap.2.4 M^3
Fresh Water Cap.0.5 M^3
Main Engine Power2000 HP
Aux. Engine Power15 KW
Speed46 Kts
Complement10 P

19GT Aluminum Hight Spees Patrol Boat In-port test

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19GT Aluminum Hight Spees Patrol Boat | DNV, CR, LR, BV Certified Fishing Boats Building Manufacturer | SSF

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