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  • 380GT Tuna Long Liner Fishing Boat
    380GT Tuna Long Liner Fishing Boat
    380 GT

    The ship is a big Ultra-low temperature tuna longline vessel, loaded with fuel operating days for about 120 days. Its operations there are two kinds of patterns, one when oil will run out, or load full fish need to enter the harbor unloading fish and supplies. The another way for fishing at sea cargo reproduced and from the transport ship supplies of food, fuel and bait.

  • 100GT Torch Fishing Boat
    100GT Torch Fishing Boat
    100 GT

    The Torch light net boats in Taiwan belong along the coastal fishing vessels. Their practices for the use of lamps will be attracted fish to the boat two sides. The main fishing fish such as Neritic Squid°, white octopus, mackerel, skinned fish .

Result 1 - 2 of 2

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