19GT FRP Undersea Sightseeing Passenger Boat

19GT FRP Undersea Sightseeing Passenger Boat / Sophisticated boat design. Reliable boat building technology.

48 ft sea fishing boat

48 ft sea fishing boat

In order to promote the promotion of marine leisure activities, the ship is designed for those with limited budget. Although it is an entry-level model, the relevant configuration can meet the needs of the public. When the 720-horsepower engine is equipped with a speed of 27 knots, it is an economical boat.

Ultra-low temperature tuna longline fishing boat

Ultra-low temperature tuna longline fishing boat

This type of fishing vessel has a tonnage of 230 tons and 350 tons. The fish tank temperature reaches minus 60 degrees Celsius, which allows the quality of the fish to be well maintained. The strength and stability of the hull is extremely superior, and it can withstand wind waves of 10 or above. When working at sea, the captain and crew can concentrate on fishing.


50 Years of 19GT FRP Undersea Sightseeing Passenger Boat Building and Supply | SSF

Shing Sheng Fa Boat Building Co., Ltd., since 1970, is a 19GT FRP Undersea Sightseeing Passenger Boat manufacturer based in Taiwan.

100 tons, 230 tons to 340 tons commercial fishing boat supplies for minus 60 degrees deep sea fishing. Custom-built luxury yacht and passenger boat meeting your needs. 70,000 square-foot boat manufacturing plant, member of ABYC, SSF's boat supplies is large.

From conception to delivery, SSF has been offering boat planning, boat designing, boat building and boat repairing for 1970 years, both with advanced boat building techniques and years of experience, SSF ensures each customer's demands are met.

19GT FRP Undersea Sightseeing Passenger Boat

19 GT

19GT FRP Undersea Sightseeing Passenger Boat
19GT FRP Undersea Sightseeing Passenger Boat

Our company designed and built a new generation of 19-ton glass bottom sightseeing boat. The first generation is 30 years ago Taitung County Green Island fishermen’s association will be ordered "Green Island No.1". It was a sightseeing boat that would take a trip to Green Island.

Discover Lamay No.1 the owner is Jen Chi Limited. Captain 18 meters, 4.05 meters wide single passenger ship. From the design, open to the scheduled delivery date only less than 7 months time. Is our company planning and design of a new generation of glass bottom sightseeing boat.

The ship uses two 190 horsepower diesel engine, the ship speed of about 8 knots. Its capacity is 45 people. So that people who the whole bus can be on board, save waiting time. The boat line planning passengers from the main deck on both sides of the ship. Wheel house for the high design, in addition to increasing the driving field of vision, but also convenient for passengers to enter the main cabin . Seat on the two sides of the aisle. Passengers take the sitting side of the boat sides, viewing angle and vertical viewing angle of about 75 degrees. After the passengers sit down, they can easily watch the sea view.

The bow deck has a spacious aisle for passengers to stop watching the sea view. In addition to the necessary main deck to set the hatch, leaving a wide space for passengers to stay temporarily. But there is no restriction on the seat. The tanks are filled with fuel and cruises speed (3 knots) for 200 hours. The cabin is equipped with an air conditioning system. Cabin and engine room with complete fire equipment and monitoring system. Its safety is better than the law. Greatly enhance the safety of passengers and ship.

Principal Dimension

MaterialFibre glass
LengthOver all 18.00 M
Lenth of Ship16.00 M
Breadth of Vessel4.05 M
Depth of Vessel2.10 M
Draft of Vessel1.60 M
Fuel Oil Cap.2.0 M^3
Fresh Water Cap.1.0 M^3
Main Engine Power380 PS
Aux. Engine Power30 KW
Speed8 Kts
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